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Holidays are coming…but support for fizzy drinks seems to be waning

For many it’s the ultimate symbol that the holiday season is upon us, but support for the Big Red Truck seems to be waning...
Holidays are coming…but support for fizzy drinks seems to be waning

Christmas adverts help make the season special, and one in particular has been a favourite since it was first introduced in 1995. Coca-Cola’s Holidays Are Coming ad has led to the brand’s famous red truck touring the country every December, dishing out free fizzy drinks to the public. But it […]

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Kids eat five times more sugar during summer holidays

During summer holidays sugar consumption goes through the roof – we’ve got some stats that will put your teeth on edge!
Kids eat five times more sugar during summer holidays Number 18 Dental Notting Hill Dental

School’s out – and it seems so are the rules on dental care! A recent survey polled 1000 parents of 2 to 17-year-olds and found that one third admit to letting their children consume as much as five times more sugar over the summer holidays than at other times of […]

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6 signs you’re consuming too much sugar

These days sugar is in everything, meaning we often overindulge. But what are the signs you’re eating too much?
6 signs youre consuming too much sugar - Notting Hill dentist Number 18 Dental

With the World Health Organisation recommending we eat no more than 25 grammes of added sugar a day – or around 6 teaspoons – many of us are already consuming more of the white stuff than we should. For children, this should be no more than 19 grammes. But a […]

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Do you eat 50% more sugar than you think?

Latest research suggests we underestimate how much sugar is in our diet by as much as 50%. So what can we do about it?
do you eat 50 per cent more sugar than you think - Notting Hill dentist Number 18 Dental

A recent nationwide study which monitors sugar levels in the body as opposed to relying on consumers’ reports suggests we eat far more sugar than we admit to. The study was conducted on 498 women and men aged 19 years and over and published in the journal Plos One. The […]

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What will the sugar tax mean for you?

Details of the long-awaited ‘sugar tax’ were finalised in the recent Budget. But what does it mean for you…and our nation’s teeth?

It’s long been known that sugar is bad for your teeth. But scientists have recently linked high sugar intake to obesity – as well as other diseases such as diabetes. That’s why Chancellor Philip Hammond confirmed in the latest Budget that there will be a tax on sugary drinks coming […]

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8 tricks to treat yourself this Halloween

Feel like indulging this Halloween but don’t want to give your teeth a fright? We’ve got some ghoulishly good tips for fun and healthy snacks that will satisfy the whole family!

Who doesn’t love Halloween? It’s the perfect time to gather round in front of the fire and tell ghost stories. But there is another scary side. Did you know that in 2014, a survey conducted in America found that emergency visits to the dentist rose by 80% on 31st October? […]

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Are office treats ruining your teeth?

During a stressful week at work, many of us indulge in a bit of sugar therapy. But has our office ‘cake culture’ got out of hand?

Are you a cookie fiend? Is your boss a doughnut dealer? Whether it’s colleagues’ birthdays, retirement parties or just a treat to celebrate the end of the working week – the workplace is becoming a site of sugar temptation! And now, one senior dentist has spoken of the health risks this […]

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Is your coffee habit killing your teeth?

We all enjoy treating ourselves to a coffee, but many of the luxury drinks sold in coffee shops contain alarming amounts of sugar, which can cause tooth decay and other diseases

How often do you enjoy a coffee out? Perhaps on your way to work, or while catching up with friends? Going to a coffee shop was once a treat, but as the number of cafes on our high street has increased, we are visiting them much more frequently. And along […]

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