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EXPOSED! 12 dental myths that are total hocus pocus

In a world of fake news, it’s hard to know what’s true. This Halloween we’re exposing some of the most common dental myths
12 dental myths that are total hocus pocus Notting Hill dental Number 18 Dental

It might be Halloween, but we want to shine the light on those common dental fears and misconceptions so that you can feel better about your dental hygiene. Read on as we expose these 12 dental myths for the hocus pocus they are! 1. Brushing harder means cleaner teeth In […]

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What is the future of dental care?

From virtual reality to 3D printing – and even growing your own teeth! – we explore the future of dental care.
What is the future of dental care Notting Hill dental Number 18 dental

Technology moves so fast you only have to blink and you’ve missed the latest innovation! However, developments in dentistry have been relatively slow to hit the dental surgery. Let’s take a look at some surprising research which could shed light on the future of dental treatment… Smart devices Some electric […]

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From glitter teeth to tooth jewellery: 4 more teeth trends

What won’t we do for likes in the modern age? From putting glitter on our tongues to charcoal on our teeth, we look at the latest four teeth trends.
From glitter teeth to tooth jewellery - 4 more teeth trends Notting Hill dentist Number 18 Dental

As dentists, we’ve seen our fair share of disturbing sights! But perhaps the worst offenders aren’t the results of neglected teeth and gums, but the things people voluntarily do to their teeth. Here are some of the latest teeth trends. Tooth jewellery No, we don’t mean necklace charms shaped like […]

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Have you been lying through your teeth? The bots can tell…

There’s no hiding from smart technology…even your diet can be monitored with this new piece of kit!
Have you been lying through your teeth The bots can tell - Notting Hill dentist Number 18 Dental

Have you ever been tempted to twist the truth about how many biscuits you had with your cup of tea? Well, a new piece of tech is putting paid to that! With smart wearables such as fitness watches increasingly helping us to live healthier lives, it wasn’t going to be […]

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Can you catch a cavity?

Before you throw caution to the wind this Valentine's Day, here’s something you might not know... Tooth decay is contagious!
can you catch a cavity - number 18 dental notting hill

All over the world this February 14th, people will be celebrating feeling that little bit more amorous. But have you ever paid attention to your mate’s dental hygiene? You might think it’s odd we ask, but perhaps it’s time you did. What a lot of people don’t know is that […]

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Meet Jay, the man who hasn’t brushed his teeth for 20 years

Jay hadn’t brushed his teeth for almost his entire life. Here’s what it looks like, and what he did about it…
Notting Hill dentist

If you were watching Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies back in January, you might have seen Jay, 21, a patient who hadn’t brushed his teeth for 20 years – essentially his whole life. As a child, Jay hadn’t been pressured to take care of his teeth, and this led to him […]

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Could VR cure your dental phobia?

Virtual reality looks set to revolutionise our leisure time. But new research suggests it could even affect our experience at the dentist, especially if you suffer from dental phobia.
Could VR cure your dental phobia - Notting Hill Dentist Number 18 Dental

Scientists have been hard at work trying to find out whether virtual reality headsets could help some anxious patients overcome their fear of the dentist. And it seems to have paid off! But there’s a catch. Published in the Environment and Behaviour journal, this research found that patients in the […]

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Are these the oldest dental fillings?

We like to think dental science is relatively new, but this discovery shows the practice might have been going on longer than originally thought…

An amazing recent archaeological discovery has found what is thought to be the earliest known dental fillings. Two 13,000-year-old upper front teeth were found in northern Italy filled with bitumen. The scientists are able to tell the remains are evidence of fillings because each tooth features a large hole which […]

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6 weirdest teeth trends

Ever thought your teeth were just for chewing and smiling? Well, apparently you’re wrong. That’s according to these weirdest teeth trends…

Do you have a piercing? Maybe a secret tattoo that seemed like a good idea many moons ago? These days, every part of the body is an opportunity to make ourselves stand out. But perhaps you’ve never considered modifying your teeth. Well, some people have – and these are the […]

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Brush up on our weird dental facts!

Get to know your mouth better this New Year with our weird facts about your teeth!

How well do you know your teeth? Treat them to some TLC after the Christmas binge and brush up on your knowledge with our fun facts! Fun dental facts Throughout their lifetime, the average person spends 38.5 days brushing their teeth! Only half of us brush our tongues – which […]

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