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Is milk actually good for your teeth?

This World Milk Day, we peel back the foil on whether the white stuff really is that good for your teeth…
Is milk actually good for your teeth Number 18 Dental Notting Hill dentist

How often do you hear that milk is essential for strong teeth and bones? But you might also have noticed that milk contains lactose, a form of sugar. So is milk actually good for your teeth? As it’s World Milk Day on 1st June, we thought we’d address the facts… […]

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Here’s why raisins are bad for your teeth

Have you seen headlines like ‘give kids crisps not raisins’ and wondered whether the world was turning on its head? We explain…
Here's why raisins are bad for your teeth - Number 18 Dental Notting Hill

Speaking to The Times, Ben Atkins, who is a dentist and also a spokesperson for the British Dental Association, recently advised parents to give children crisps rather than raisins and other dried fruit as a snack. The reason? Well it’s actually quite simple. Dried fruit is high in sugar and […]

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The lowdown on how fluoride prevents tooth decay

Fluoride is essential for healthy teeth. But what is it, how do you get it, and can too much be dangerous?

If you’ve ever been to see our Notting Hill dental hygienist here at Number 18, they’ll likely have made sure you’re using fluoride toothpaste. That’s because fluoride can help prevent tooth decay. What is fluoride? Fluoride is a natural mineral found in drinking water, toothpaste, varnishes and a variety of […]

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How to keep your child smiling

Save your family time, money and stress by facing up to one of the country's most common childhood diseases

Did you know that a quarter of UK children have tooth decay by the time they start school? You can prevent tooth decay in your child, which has a huge impact on their health and confidence in later life. The most recent Children’s Dental Health Survey found that a fifth […]

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