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What are the health benefits of smiling?

Are you more inclined to flash a pout than those pearly whites when you take a selfie? Here’s why you should smile instead! You’ll feel better, trust us…

When you see someone smiling do you ever notice how they appear more attractive, sociable, fun and confident? Well, what if these benefits weren’t just visible from the outside but could extend to the smiler themselves? This National Smile Month (15 May-15 June), we’re looking at the psychology of smiling. […]

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The future of dental hygiene is here!

We’re delighted to bring some of the latest dental technology to Number 18 Dental. Find out how the EMS Air-Flow system of air polishing can benefit your smile…

Isn’t it great when you visit the hygienist and she leaves your teeth clean, stain-free and silky soft? Well, now Number 18 patients can experience this on a whole new level. Our recently installed EMS Air-Flow system means we can give your teeth the best possible clean during dental and […]

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Our dentists scour the crossrail cavities!

Our Number 18 dentists got the chance to get up close and personal with the Crossrail project. And they found some striking similarities…

It’s not every day you get to explore the deep cavities of a major engineering project. But that’s what the Number 18 team did when they donned their hard hats for a check-up on the Crossrail project set to improve London travel. And they found that it all looked very familiar. […]

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Show us your smile!

Join us this National Smile Month by taking time out to prioritise your oral health ahead of summer and tweeting us a selfie of your national smile!

What better reason to smile than the start of summer? And with National Smile Month falling between May 16th and June 16th, there’s even more reason to get those pearly whites out! The Oral Health Foundation is the brains behind National Smile Month, which aims to improve lives by raising awareness […]

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