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What do you think about in the dentist’s chair?

We address some of the most common thoughts and worries that go through patients’ minds while they're in the dentist's chair...

Sitting in the dentist’s chair might not be everyone’s favourite experience – but at our comfortable and modern dental practice in Notting Hill, we try to make it so! This week we offer our insight into some of the most common thoughts that patients have while they’re waiting for treatment… […]

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How to get the perfect wedding day smile

You have found the perfect dress or suit and everything is finally organised: the venue; the cake; the catering; the band; the food...

The day is exactly how you had wanted. Your wedding day, the happiest day of your life. Then your wedding photographer says “smile” and you begin to feel your happiness drain. Having a discoloured or misaligned smile can affect your confidence. In many situations you may avoid smiling with your […]

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How can cosmetic dentistry benefit you?

Developments in dentistry have made it possible to remove dental stains, replace missing teeth, whiten them and totally recreate a patient's smile.

It used to be that the dentist was only seen when absolutely necessary such as when a gaping cavity made it impossible to eat. Dentists were often associated with pain, but thanks to science, dentistry has evolved from basic care of teeth and gums to cosmetic dentistry. New developments have […]

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