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How does your Christmas drink affect your mouth?

The holidays are renowned as a time for indulgence. But research shows just how that Christmas tipple could affect the bacteria in your mouth...
How does your Christmas drink affect your mouth Number 18 Dental Notting Hill dentist

It’s not just Santa who enjoys a drink at Christmas! And with the festive season upon us, we can expect our alcohol consumption to increase. But even one tipple a day could disrupt the bacteria in your mouth, putting your dental health at risk. That’s according to recent research into […]

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Kick a dental bad habit this New Year

Is there one particular bad habit you want to curb in the new year for better dental hygiene? Here are our top suggestions for a healthier mouth in 2017.

New Year is such a great time! Everyone is much more positive after a relaxing holiday with family and friends, which tends to put us in a more reflective mood. If you want to break a bad habit for a healthier you in 2017, you might find our solutions to […]

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4 ways to cut your mouth cancer risk

Are you at risk of mouth and throat cancer? The good news is they can be prevented with simple lifestyle changes. Read our guide to learn how to reduce your risk.

You might be surprised that mouth and throat cancer is the eighth most common type of cancer in the UK. What’s more, around 91% of cases are linked to lifestyle. This Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week (19-23 September), we’re shining a light on how you can prevent this disease. […]

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