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A sprained tooth? Yes, it’s a real thing!

It won’t replace a doctor’s note to get you out of work or PE, but a sprained tooth really does exist!
A sprained tooth yes its real - Number 18 Dental Notting Hill dental

If you’ve ever bitten down on your tooth and thought Ow! – then you might assume you’re in need of a filling. But there could be another explanation. Sprained tooth syndrome (also known as STS or a bruised tooth) is real, and just like any other part of your body, it’s […]

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Why we’re celebrating National Toothache Day!

Help us banish tooth decay by celebrating National Toothache Day with us!

It might seem odd for a dental practice to celebrate a day devoted to cavities, but there’s a reason why! Like Barry Cockcroft, former chief dental officer for England, we think it’s important to raise awareness of the many reasons behind this troublesome pain. And that’s why we’re celebrating the […]

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Are your sinuses causing you toothache?

Throbbing teeth, jaw pain and tension headaches? You might be suffering from sinus toothache.

While most of us have been basking in the hot weather, for others it’s been a different story. With rapid temperature changes and the pollen count high, colds and sniffles have been rife. So if you’ve noticed toothache or discomfort in your upper teeth, it could be down to your […]

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