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Are your cavities a sign of a bigger problem?

Most of us need treatment for a dental problem at some point. But could recurrent issues be a sign of another health condition altogether?
Are your cavities a sign of a bigger problem Number 18 Dental Notting Hill dentist

Being told you have a cavity can be a concern. However, most adults have missing or filled teeth, so it’s not uncommon. But what about if you’re experiencing more and more dental problems? From swollen gums to cavities and tooth grinding, these could actually be symptoms of a much bigger […]

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How does stress affect your mouth?

When you’re feeling run down the last thing you need is problems with your teeth. But here’s how stress affects your mouth.
How does stress affect your mouth - number 18 dental notting hill

Wednesday 1st November is Stress Awareness Day and we thought we’d take a closer look at how stress affects your mouth. We all feel stressed from time to time – it’s a natural flight or fight reaction that is supposed to be reserved for life-threatening situations. However, in our modern […]

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Is teeth grinding stressing you out?

Teeth grinding can cause serious problems for your teeth and may be a sign of other health issues. Speak to your dentist before it grinds you down!

Teeth grinding (or bruxism) affects around 6 million people in the UK. While episodes may come and go for many of us, persistent grinding can lead to discomfort, tension and further health problems. What is teeth grinding? In 80% of cases, teeth grinding occurs during sleep and you or your […]

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