How can cosmetic dentistry benefit you?

Developments in dentistry have made it possible to remove dental stains, replace missing teeth, whiten them and totally recreate a patient's smile.

It used to be that the dentist was only seen when absolutely necessary such as when a gaping cavity made it impossible to eat. Dentists were often associated with pain, but thanks to science, dentistry has evolved from basic care of teeth and gums to cosmetic dentistry.

New developments have made it possible to remove dental stains, replace missing teeth, whiten teeth and totally recreate a patient’s smile. It became possible to close gaps in between teeth and straighten teeth in a short period of time. Did you know that nowadays crooked teeth can be straightened without anyone else knowing about it, thanks to the phenomenonal orthodontic system called Invisalign?

Are you worried about dental cavities?

Another popular treatment that is taking patients with cavities to the dentist, fillings known as composite dental tooth fillings. They are a very efficient way of filling cavities. During the pre-treatment examination, X-rays are taken to ensure that this is a good option for a patient. The treatment may be done with or without local anaesthesia depending on the size of the cavity. Treatment starts with cleaning of the cavity through drilling or tooth stain removal which is done via abrasion.

The tooth is kept completely dry while the cavity is filled. The filing is then smoothed and the job is done. As you will be told by the dentist, fillings of these kind will not keep you from eating or drinking for long. The fillings are then lightly cured using a bright light to harden it so that it sets in the teeth. The filling is thus very strongly bonded to the tooth so that it is stronger than before. Also, because only a tiny bit of the healthy part of the tooth is removed for a composite filling to be done, there is very little chance that the filling or tooth will chip or fracture.

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