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Replace missing teeth

A missing or broken tooth can be a real confidence knock, however there are plenty of options available at Number 18 Dental to restore your smile.

Replacing a tooth will help to restore your smile after a broken or missing tooth. At Number 18 Dental we have a wide range of tailor-made options to suit every patient, including dental bridges, dental implants and dentures.

Tooth replacement options

Dental bridges

A dental bridge is a restoration which ‘bridges’ the gap between healthy teeth. A bridge may replace one or multiple teeth, and uses crowns to fit the false tooth or teeth to the mouth.

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Dental implants

A dental implant is a two part solution consisting of a ‘screw’ or ‘post’, which acts as a root, and a crown, which is the false tooth.

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Dentures are a traditional solution to tooth loss which have really improved in recent years. They consist of false teeth and gums which fit around existing teeth or on the gums directly.

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We’ll advise you on the most appropriate option for you and develop a customised treatment plan to replace lost teeth.

Tooth replacement process

The process varies for each option, but in every case, our aim is to help provide you with functional and aesthetically pleasing result where possible.

Benefits of replacing a tooth

  • Easier to eat, as teeth are restored
  • Creates an aesthetically pleasing new smile
  • In the case of multiple missing teeth, replacement stops sagging of the face

Tooth replacement FAQs

  • Which is the best option for me?

    The best option will depend on your condition, and what you want from your replacement teeth. Your dentist will be able to discuss a tailored plan with you based on whether you want a removable device and any budget constraints.

  • Are the procedures painful?

    Where any work is undertaken which may touch a nerve, local anaesthetic is always used to remove the risk of any pain or discomfort. Occasionally, you may experience slight soreness after treatment, but this is quick to go away.

  • Are dentures for older people?

    Dentures have a traditional association with the elderly, but with modern dentures people of all ages are turning to them as a solution to tooth loss.

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