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Dental crowns

A dental crown is a restoration which goes over a tooth, covering it entirely when there is a lack of tooth substance for a filling.

A dental crown is mostly used for structural reasons, but may also be used for aesthetic reasons.

A dental crown is cemented over a tooth holding a tooth together and reducing the risk of the tooth or filling material fracturing. It is often indicated following root canal treatment especially on back teeth.

There are three main dental crown options:

  • Porcelain crowns:

    Porcelain crowns contain no metal core, making them a popular choice for front teeth. Full porcelain crowns can be used for front teeth.

  • Metal porcelain crowns:

    Metal porcelain crowns sit in-between the three options, as they have a metal alloy core. They benefit from the added strength of the metal sublayer. The outer layer of the crown is porcelain (ceramic).

  • Full metal or gold crowns

    Full metal or gold crowns have been around the longest and have a very good fit around the tooth and are strong even in thin sections.

Dental crowns process

Dental crowns

The process of fitting a dental crown usually spans two appointments.

During your consultation we will go through the different options with you, together with timeframes and prices.

On your first appointment the tooth to be crowned will be shaped carefully to make space for the restoration. Impressions (moulds) are then taken and sent to the dental laboratory making the crown. A temporary crown is fitted over your tooth until your next visit.

On your second appointment we will remove the temporary crown, check the new crown and provided it fits well and looks good, securely cement it in place.

Benefits of dental crowns

  • Protect root treated back teeth from breaking
  • Holding teeth which are at risk of breaking or which are heavily filled together
  • Improve the cosmetic appearance of your smile, especially after teeth have cracked or broken
  • A dental crown can last for many years

Dental crowns FAQs

  • Is a dental crown right for me?

    Dental crowns are most often used to address functional issues, such as when part of a tooth is missing. They are also commonly placed on root treated back teeth and on teeth that are at risk of breaking or where part of the tooth or filling has broken away. The aim of the crown is to hold the tooth together and reduce the risk of further fractures.

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