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Ceramic brackets

Ceramic brackets are a more discrete alternative to traditional fixed metal braces, using tooth-coloured or clear brackets to attach the braces to your teeth.

This teeth straightening option gets its name from the ceramic material used in the bracket. Ceramic braces can be used in the same way as traditional metal brackets to straighten teeth.

Ceramic brackets process

Like most teeth straightening procedures, having ceramic brackets is an ongoing process which requires regular orthodontic appointments, usually every six weeks.

On your initial appointment a thorough examination of your teeth is carried out and different teeth straightening options are discussed. The most suitable option to achieve the best result possible will be offered to you. Prior to starting any treatment you will receive a written treatment plan detailing length and cost of treatment.

On your second visit x-rays are taken and impressions (moulds) of your teeth are created to make the braces.

Unless other treatments are required, for example a tooth extraction, your braces will usually be fitted on your third visit. You will need to attend for adjustment of the braces usually every six weeks.

Benefits of ceramic brackets

  • Ceramic brackets are less noticeable than traditional options, making them perfect for adults or those self-conscious about their smile
  • Ceramic brackets are a fantastic way to solve common orthodontic problems such as overcrowding, gaps, increased or reduced overbites and cross bites.

Ceramic brackets FAQs

  • Are ceramic brackets for me?

    Ceramic brackets are used to treat a wide range orthodontic problems such as malocclusions, overcrowding, gaps and cross-bites. They are a particularly popular choice with adults, due to their clear or tooth-coloured brackets.

  • Do ceramic brackets make teeth difficult to clean?

    As ceramic brackets are bonded (glued) onto your teeth supporting the orthodontic wire, regular and careful cleaning is essential after every meal, as well as regular flossing and rinsing. You will be provided with clear instructions how to clean between your teeth and around the braces using special brushes.

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