6 weirdest teeth trends

Ever thought your teeth were just for chewing and smiling? Well, apparently you’re wrong. That’s according to these weirdest teeth trends…

Do you have a piercing? Maybe a secret tattoo that seemed like a good idea many moons ago?

These days, every part of the body is an opportunity to make ourselves stand out. But perhaps you’ve never considered modifying your teeth. Well, some people have – and these are the weirdest teeth trends that make our dentists shudder.

Metal teeth

Kendall Jenner was recently spotted in the city for London Fashion Week. However, she was sporting what appeared to be a metal tooth thanks to clever dental veneers.

So-called ‘grills’ have also been seen on Lady Gaga and Rhianna. While this might be a good look on the other side of the Atlantic, at Number 18, we think natural looks better!

Teeth tattoos

Shoulders, arms, torso…why not teeth? Thankfully, teeth tattoos don’t involve inking the actual tooth. They’re done by taking an impression of the tooth in question and then preparing an enamel overlay that sits on top. Phew!

Teeth gems

These little gems have been doing the rounds for a while. They’re usually small gems or Swarovski gems which are affixed to a canine with dental adhesive to accent a smile. However, some do decide to have them drilled in, which we wouldn’t recommend.

Crooked teeth

Some of us are blessed with this hot trend naturally, but others like to manipulate their teeth to make them look crooked. In Japan, the snaggletooth – also known as “yaeba” (or double tooth) – is considered cute and childlike. The process involves adding veneers to upper canines to give the impression of them being pushed forward.

At Number 18, we find patients prefer to have their misaligned teeth corrected for a beautiful straight smile with the help of our smart Inman Aligner.

Black teeth

Weirdly, this trend actually grew out of an antiquated way to prevent tooth decay. The Japanese practice of Ohaguro involved mixing iron filings in vinegar and painting it onto the teeth to protect the enamel – just like modern dental sealants. Today, this custom has been kept up by many cultures across Asia.

Tooth sharpening

If you have a taste for all things vampires, you might not think having your canines filed into fangs is so odd. And maybe it isn’t – human teeth sharpening has been happening for years. Usually involving the front incisors, this practice has been practised as far and wide as Mexico, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and even as a spiritual practice by Aborigines.

It’s even thought that the Vikings undertook this body modification to make them appear more threatening! We reckon that would have worked.

Or why not look after your teeth?

If you prefer to keep your teeth looking as natural as possible, you might like to know we offer a range of veneers, implants and teeth straightening procedures in our Notting Hill dental practice. Contact us today and we’ll book you in for an appointment.

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