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From glitter teeth to tooth jewellery: 4 more teeth trends

What won’t we do for likes in the modern age? From putting glitter on our tongues to charcoal on our teeth, we look at the latest four teeth trends.
From glitter teeth to tooth jewellery - 4 more teeth trends Notting Hill dentist Number 18 Dental

As dentists, we’ve seen our fair share of disturbing sights! But perhaps the worst offenders aren’t the results of neglected teeth and gums, but the things people voluntarily do to their teeth. Here are some of the latest teeth trends. Tooth jewellery No, we don’t mean necklace charms shaped like […]

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6 weirdest teeth trends

Ever thought your teeth were just for chewing and smiling? Well, apparently you’re wrong. That’s according to these weirdest teeth trends…

Do you have a piercing? Maybe a secret tattoo that seemed like a good idea many moons ago? These days, every part of the body is an opportunity to make ourselves stand out. But perhaps you’ve never considered modifying your teeth. Well, some people have – and these are the […]

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