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5 ways to win at Easter

Easter is a great time to get together with family and enjoy a bit of chocolate. But if you’re worried about ruining you or your child’s oral health regime, we’ve got some advice to help you out.

As spring approaches, it can feel as though it’s one celebration after another. Pancake Day, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and now Easter – all these occasions mean chocolate is everywhere we turn, which can be hard if you are trying to cut back on sugar. We might be dentists but […]

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How to keep your child smiling

Save your family time, money and stress by facing up to one of the country's most common childhood diseases

Did you know that a quarter of UK children have tooth decay by the time they start school? You can prevent tooth decay in your child, which has a huge impact on their health and confidence in later life. The most recent Children’s Dental Health Survey found that a fifth […]

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