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EXPOSED! 12 dental myths that are total hocus pocus

In a world of fake news, it’s hard to know what’s true. This Halloween we’re exposing some of the most common dental myths
12 dental myths that are total hocus pocus Notting Hill dental Number 18 Dental

It might be Halloween, but we want to shine the light on those common dental fears and misconceptions so that you can feel better about your dental hygiene. Read on as we expose these 12 dental myths for the hocus pocus they are! 1. Brushing harder means cleaner teeth In […]

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8 tricks to treat yourself this Halloween

Feel like indulging this Halloween but don’t want to give your teeth a fright? We’ve got some ghoulishly good tips for fun and healthy snacks that will satisfy the whole family!

Who doesn’t love Halloween? It’s the perfect time to gather round in front of the fire and tell ghost stories. But there is another scary side. Did you know that in 2014, a survey conducted in America found that emergency visits to the dentist rose by 80% on 31st October? […]

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