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Can pregnancy ruin your teeth?

Loose Women presenter Stacey Solomon recently admitted that pregnancy left her needing veneers. But can pregnancy really ruin your teeth?
Can pregnancy ruin your teeth - Notting Hill dental dentist Number 18 Dental

She might be famous for her perfect white smile, but in her column for The Sun, singer and presenter Stacey Solomon recently said that being pregnant with her second child left her with decaying teeth resembling “brown pegs” where she’d previously never even needed a filling. According to Stacey, “In […]

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Women’s dental health: part two – pregnancy

Continuing our two-part series on women’s dental health, we look at the effects of pregnancy on your mouth and how you can keep your teeth strong…
Pregnancy and womens dental health - Notting Hill Dentist Number 18 Dental

The second part of our three-part series on women’s dental health focuses on how pregnancy affects your teeth and gums. While pregnancy is one of the most exciting times, here at Number 18 Dental, we also see a lot of expectant mums who are concerned with how to look after […]

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